A Brighter Future for Your Investment


Horizon has the skills and knowledge to tackle the “day-to-day” challenges of every property; as well as the experience to formulate sound solutions for unique problems.

It is the goal of our Management Company to be the “BEST” Management Company for any market. To accomplish this, we pride ourselves in recruiting the “BEST” people for our organization. We believe the quality of the people in our Company distinguishes us from our competitors more than any other factor.

Nothing is more important to our success than having the best person in each position. Over the years, we have been fortunate to recruit and retain the best people in the property management industry.

Our Team

  • Service oriented…Our clients and residents always come first.

  • Flexible and understanding…Willing to change in order to grow professionally
    and personally.

  • Intelligent…A competent and inquisitive thinker.

  • Ambitious…A strong desire to succeed and accomplish the task at hand.

  • Hard working…Always willing to put forth whatever is needed.

  • A listener…Realizing you can learn something from everyone.

  • Ethical…Do the right things as well as do things right.

  • Nice people…An outgoing personality and able to work well with others.

With this TEAM philosophy, we ensure that each property has the very best people in
place to protect and preserve your interest. Our dedication to the profitability of each
respective asset is why we are here.

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