A Brighter Future for Your Investment


For the last 10 years, Horizon's expertise has been in the area of multifamily management. Additionally, during this time, Horizon has gained a foothold within in the condominium HOA, single family HOA, commercial office and retail product sectors through its management of these property types.


As a privately owned and operated company, Horizon's primary goal is to be the “Best” Management Company in any particular market. To accomplish this objective, Horizon prides itself in recruiting “Preeminent” individuals for our organization. More than any other factor, Horizon believes that the quality of its associates distinguishes our company from the competition.


Nothing is more important to Horizon's success than to have the best and most qualified individual in each position. Over the years, Horizon has been fortunate to recruit and retain the very best people in the property management industry.


Third Party Property Management


Horizon has recruited a team of professionals who share its vision and passion for property management. Horizon's Senior Management Team possesses an average 15 years of experience in providing property management services. Horizon's Team possesses the skills and knowledge to tackle the “day-to-day” challenges of each particular property as well as the experience to formulate sound solutions for unique challenges applicable to individual properties. The Senior Management Team is committed to making the right decision for each particular property, which we believe translates to securing long-term value enhancement as well as the investment objectives of the owner.


Horizon's on-site Teams are comprised of select industry professionals who are enthusiastic about leasing, servicing and managing investments on behalf of owners, investors and asset managers. These on-site Teams are dedicated to building and strengthening relationships with residents while prioritizing the objective of providing exceptional services and living environments. With respect, dignity and kindness Horizon's on-site Teams achieve excellent rapport with residents, homeowners, vendors and associates while maintaining a stable network of qualified and responsive vendors, which ensures that the property is maintained efficiently with minimal down time. Monthly property reports provide you with the information you need to make timely decisions about your investment.


Condominium Association Property Management


Horizon Realty Management provides comprehensive condominium association property management services as well. Whether your community is 40 units or 400 units, we have the experience and expertise to manage your homeowner association. We provide knowledgeable on-site community managers who hold the Community Association Manager license by the State of Florida. With over 15 years of experience, we have the expertise to focus on the unique details of each property while keeping expenses at a minimum. We have a track record of success in managing, and in most cases lowering, operating expenses while maintaining a high level of service to owners. Our large portfolio of properties allows your community association to participate in bulk discounts with local vendors.


Acquisition Services


Thinking of adding more units to your portfolio? Horizon Property Management can provide you third party advisory services to help you make the right decision. These services include sourcing new deals, market analysis, financial analysis, and operating expense analysis. Every submarket in each market is unique. Let Horizon's local market knowledge help you analyze local traffic patterns, neighborhood demographics and submarket employment hubs. We'll help you navigate the market drivers and provide you with the most current data so you can make the most informed decision.


Due Diligence


Horizon has helped clients analyze and acquire new communities throughout the United States. Whether a stabilized asset or a potential rehab and reposition, Horizon will analyze the operating statements, maintenance records and resident files. We help our clients investigate the details and intricacies of a new acquisition so they can invest prudently.


Site Selection


Horizon knows the lay of the land. Our site selection team has been instrumental in acquiring sites for groups like the Morgan Group, Pulte Homes, and Crescent Resources. Horizon has been successful sourcing strategic sites for developers throughout the state of Florida and have particular expertise in urban infill and garden style development sites. In a 4-year period, Horizon has sourced numerous land parcels valued at over $120 million resulting in the development of over 4,200 multifamily and single family units and over 1.2 million SF of commercial space.

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