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Career Opportunities

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Horizon Realty Management is a premier multifamily property management company offering property management, construction management, commercial management and real estate advisory services. Our size and rapid growth mean tremendous opportunities for career placement and advancement. Horizon employees are charged with managing and effectively operating multi-million dollar assets. Therefore, we are looking for people who have the desire, intelligence, and drive to work in our dynamic atmosphere of energy and success.


Because every position is considered critical to Horizon's success and reputation, we take pride to employ those who aspire to become the best in their field. Horizon offers competitive salaries and an environment that supports promotion from within.

Excellent Salaries and Benefits

In addition to our competitive salary and benefit packages, we offer other rewards and incentives, such as special events, conferences and employee recognition programs.


Horizon employees are the highest resource we have to ensure our goals are met. So we proactively look to the future by offering continuing education programs for all. They are designed to prepare you for advancement to the next level within our company.

Advancement Opportunities

At Horizon, we believe successful employees add to our corporate success. Our rapid growth and expansion create numerous advancement opportunities. Promotion from within is our goal when opportunities for advancement arise.

Career Opportunities

Horizon offers a wide range of employment opportunities to people of varying educational and skill backgrounds. We offer positions in corporate management, community management, leasing, maintenance, housekeeping, and grounds keeping.

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